IVISS Access Barriers and Tire Killers

Designed for rugged use, easy to install and setup, and fully integrates with other access control devices

Electro-Mechanical IVISS Access Barriers and Tire Killers

≡ Line Width (Boom) 10’, 12’ or 15’ Options
≡ Barrier Housing 12.4 x 13.6 x 36.0 inches
≡ Weight Barrier Housing 88.2 lbs
≡ Supply Voltage 85 – 264v AC
≡ Ambient Temperature Range -22 to + 122˚ F
≡ Protection Class Barrier Housing IP54
≡ Opening/Closing Time 1.3 Seconds
≡ Dual Channel Loop Detector

IVISS Access Arm w/Tire Killer
Designed for Rugged Use, Full Integration with other Access Control Devices
IVISS Tire Killers

IVISS Tire Killers

≡ Heavy Duty Steel Construction
≡ 2 1/8” (54mm) Steel Teeth
≡ Electromechanical (No Hoses or Hydraulic Oil)
≡ 115v AC or 220v AC Operations
≡ Continuous Duty Cycle Monitor
≡ Convenient Top Plate Access
≡ Full-featured Electronic Circuitry

Easy Setup and Installation for Trouble-free and Reliable Operation

≡ Integrates With All Access Control Devices
≡ Push Button, Radio Receiver/Transmitter Intercom, Telephone Keypad, Card Reader, RFID, Biometrics, Token/Coin
≡ Opening/Closing Time 2.5 Seconds
≡ Temperature Range -22˚ F to +122˚ F
≡ Can Be Setup for Manned or Unmanned Facilities
≡ Trouble-free And Reliable Operation

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