Rajwani Denim Mills Enterprise Software

Our customer focuses in garment manufacturing including Denim Jeans particularly. They also manufacture related products required by Jeans industry worldwide. All the products are sold to buyers through wholesale and retail chains and relevant sales activities needs to be automated carefully. Similarly, all the raw material purchased from local market or international market from various suppliers needs to be tracked, recorded and maintained in some system through which efficient reports can be generated as per need. Also, they need robust Accounts mechanism inside the system through which they can monitor day to day financial activities and overall return on investment.


Cash Solution Website

Our customer focuses in providing Cash Management Solutions to corporate segment particularly. They also provide technology solutions related to their core area of cash management. All the products and services offered corporate clients through relevant sales and marketing activities which needs to be supported by well-crafted online presence. Similarly, they want all of their offered services visible clearly online with relevant details. Their services includes Retail, Bank Automation, CIT, Treasury Management, Cash Centers, Software, ATM Management, Cash Equipment’s and Automation Solutions. They were specifically need modern and responsive web interface with clear navigations so that user can get their desired information rapidly without any muddle.