DanyTech CCS -Karachi,Pakistan

"Developed Custom Enterprise Solution for Dany through which they can serve their customers who want to claim warranty, need repair or replacement of either part or whole of the product. It's a Cloud/Web Enabled Solution which can run simultaneously on multiple locations covering Repair Orders Creations, Transfer, Processing, Return. Throug this sotware Technician can diagnose the issues in the item and suggest relevant part repair or replacement whatever feasible, after approval relevant repair or replacement will be done by the technicial and item forwarded to Quality Assurance Department. Quality Assurance department check the issue fixed by technician to ensure proper functionality and if found any issue return it back to technicial or in other case forwarded to Call Center. Call Center department than notify client about the repair or replacement and tell them to collect it from Care Center where relevant items will be forwarded accordingly. Finally Care Center deliver item(s) to customer and if there is a need to collect payment they do it and log it as cash amount. Extensive Reporting available for Executive, Managers, Clerks and other relevant roles. "

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