Human Capital Management

(small & medium enterprises)

Provide centralized employee database which offers the capa- bility to efficiently store and utilize all aspects of employee data.

Provide complete automation of timekeeping processes while mini- mizing attendance policy issues and store labor and workforce data efficiently.

Provide administration of vacation and leave through online proce- ssing of requests and approval for leave and vacation time.


Provide comprehensive activities covering entire recruitment cycle to efficiently manage candidate tracking process right from vac- ancy to hiring.

Provide assessment of job perfor- mance and communication of critical business expectations through creation of employment reviews and self- assessments.

Provide simplified and automated payroll generation process through integrated Biometric/IRIS devices and customised salary generation principles.

      Major Features

  • Central Administration
  • Biometric Integration
  • Access Control
  • KPI’s Evaluation
  • Email Notifications
  • Advanced Reporting

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