Privacy Policy

To maintain privacy of our clients is our significant priority and we utterly respect and owe it. Despite we collect database and information from our clients, it is merely to make a considerable improvement in all aspects of our customer services. We DO NOT indulge into rent or sell the database / any information that our client supplies to us online. This privacy policy describes how the entire data related to client’s personal information is diligently collected by us and is utilized, the reason why we collect it, and the way how we use it. It is just within our entire privacy policy that we elaborate the choices you can make regarding how we can collect and utilize your information.

Personal Information Accumulation:

The variety of information collected by IncisiveSoft mainly includes the particular client's name, their specific e-mail/ snail mail, official / direct correspondence phone number and relevant credit card number. These are fine pieces of macro level information that the client furnishes with the company just while ordering or even while saving the entire range of information associated with IncisiveSoft. We may also make use of the email addresses which we have receive through our privacy preserved mailing system setup for comments, customer queries etc. IncisiveSoft also diligently maintains secure records of the peculiar items, which have majorly interested our clients long back in the past, as well as the valuable client's purchases online.

Use Of Accumulated Data:

The entire range of information collected is utilized in many diversified methods. IncisiveSoft makes use of the information secured and saved by our clients so to process their customer order. We will also acknowledge them with e-mails so as to confirm the order and our entire range of customer services may also connect with them via phone, customizable snail-mail or traditional e-mail if IncisiveSoft has other pile of queries regarding the relevant order placed.

3rd Party Data Sharing:

Personal information will never be released to that of third parties other than those belonging to own domains. There are even no other circumstances under domain of which we will tend to provide or sell data related to personal information to the prospective third parties.

Security of Data Relevant To Personal Information:

The entire range of information of our clients is totally secure, as it is well protected during bilateral transmission by the diligent use of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Software, which securely encrypts the entire range of information the client enters in.

Access of All Registered Accounts:

The client can access all their registered accounts by either signing in on IncisiveSoft homepage. Once they get signed in, the client has total access to their entire previous mailing lists and all data / information that they have well placed and already submitted to the site.

Deleting & Changing/Unsubscribing Accounts:

The client has to conveniently send an email so as to request the cancellation of all the relevant subscriptions. This shall considerably prevent the user from that of receiving e-mail and all communications relating to any sort of online order they might have ordered or placed at the site.