IVISS Port Security & Surveillance

TASC Management provides a comprehensive Port Security and Surveillance Solution that secures port and containers against threats, all to keep traffic running smoothly.

IVISS – Container Reading & Scanning

≡ Identification of both Vertical and Horizontal Aligned Codes
≡ Decreased Data Entry Errors with High Accuracy and Recognition Rates
≡ Increased Security and Safety of Transport Units
≡ Allows Smooth and Problem-free 24/7 Operation
≡ Cheaper than RFID Container Management System

IVISS – Container Reading & Scanning
IVISS Container Reading & Scanning Cameras with Under Vehicle Scanning and ALPRs
IVISS – Container Reading & Scanning

IVISS – Port Security & Surveillance Solution

≡ Terminal Automation
≡ Content Loss Control and Management
≡ Asset Loss Prevention
≡ Automatic Recognition of ISO6346 (BIC), MOCO (Montan Container) & Dimension Codes
≡ Time Saving & Accuracy in Data Entry, Automating ISO6346/ MOCO Code Reading

Easy Setup and Installation for Trouble-free and Reliable Port Operation

≡ Airport and Harbor Logistics
≡ Container Inventory Management
≡ Port Container Layout Optimization
≡ Container Tracking and Surveillance
≡ Traffic Movement within Ports and Harbors
≡ Container Traffic Security Monitoring
≡ Dangerous Goods Code Recognition

Port Security
Global Installations, Worldwide Support, Protecting Customers Around the World

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