Core Services

Enterprise Software

IncisiveSoft presents enterprise software solutions with a focus on SaaS model (i.e. Software as a Service model). This model is the most cost effective and you pay as you use. The model can also be efficiently deployed as premise-based solution, if the customer so desires.

Web Portals

IncisiveSoft is an expert in providing best-fit, innovative, low-cost highly effective web portals. CMS and WordPress web development is a primary strength of our team. Designs are based on PHP, ASP.net, JAVA, etc. We also support both LAMP and Windows environments.

Mobile Apps

IncisiveSoft adapts new trends and approaches in mobile application development with Window, Blackberry, Symbian, iPhone(iOS) and Android app development, improving and growing on diverse user experience. incorporates the latest proven methodologies and approaches in mobile application development which will provide your clients and users with a world-class digital experience.

Technical Support

IncisiveSoft follows internationally accepted standards and practices for our architecture and implementations. We incorporate the latest innovations into our approach which assures that our creativity yields a compelling digital experience for our cliens and end users. We offer brilliant aesthetics for iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android (Phone/Tablet), Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, HTML5 and Flash.

Remote Staffing

IncisiveSoft empowers you to utilize the best high-end professionals. The work force available to you are software architects, designers, analysts, project managers, team leads, quality assurance and test engineers along with required managers. We deal in multiple platforms, environments and database structures.

IT Consultancy

IncisiveSoft offers consultancy in software and business audits, strategic planning, review of enterprise architecture, study to evaluate operational effectiveness, review right-sizing, review and recommend cost-cutting measures, business process reengineering and macro level problem identification.

Online Marketing

We will assist your enterprise in deploying the latest and most cost-effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) techniques and programs.

Corporate Training

Remote corporate training is a forte of our team. Our IncisiveSoft team strictly complies to internationally accepted best practices in software architecture and design, software engineering and development (including game and mobile applications) and business ethics. We offer training on iOS and Android operating systems development techniques. Our team also possesses great expertise is also in HTML 5 and Flash.